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Your Direct Source for Used GE Cardiovascular and Point of Care Ultrasound Equipment

As an exclusive* sales representative for GE, we have priority access to their Demo and GoldSeal inventory. Demo equipment has never been sold and has only been used for product demonstrations, trade shows, workshops, etc. GoldSeal is the GE brand for certified pre-owned equipment.

You receive the following benefits when you make a purchase through us:

  • Warranty – One-year warranty that is the same as new equipment warranty
  • Training – GE’s certified application specialists provide product demonstrations and training
  • Service/support – Installation and support is provided directly through GE’s field service organization. GE’s AssurePoint service agreements can be purchased directly from Ultrasource within 90-days of the equipment purchase only.
  • InSite and Live Assist – GE’s remote services for clinical applications support and product support
  • Quality – Refurbishing completed by OEM factory-trained technicians who ensure all OEM specifications are met; all systems include the latest software releases and original OEM parts.
  • Added service – Ultrasource can facilitate the purchase of your old equipment leveraging the most up-to-date Blue Book values.

To learn more about GE’s GoldSeal programs please access the following links:

In addition, be sure to read the Buyer’s Checklist before purchasing any used GE equipment! For further information on new or used GE Cardiovascular or Point of Care ultrasound equipment please contact us at 732-598-2666 or contact us.

As the demand for medical imaging continues to grow, pre-owned systems help meet an important need for those seeking cost-effective imaging solutions. With the GE Healthcare GoldSeal* refurbishment program for Ultrasound, you can feel confident you are purchasing a quality system at a great value that only the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) can deliver.

With thousands of GoldSeal ultrasound systems in service around the world, you know our reputation. You can trust us to provide quality imaging equipment so that you can provide quality patient care.

Confidence comes standard with every GoldSeal system. It will look like a new machine and it will perform like a new
machine. We guarantee it.

GoldSeal pre-owned, refurbished systems offer you a smart use of resources, as well as:

  • Selective process: Stringent selection standards ensure that only those systems with well-known and acceptable service histories qualify for GoldSeal.
  • Quality: Refurbishing completed by OEM factory-trained technicians who ensure all OEM specifications are met.
  • Same-as-new warranty: Same one-year warranty as on new systems; service contracts available.
  • Service/support: Online assistance with questions, and local service.
  • Up-to-date technology: Refurbishing includes installation of latest possible software release and original OEM parts.
  • Training: Operation and application training is available, with optional CE Tech training credits.

Helping meet your imaging needs at an affordable price

Vivid E9
is our leadership cardiovascular ultrasound system designed for cardiac 4D imaging. The Vivid E9 features our Accelerated Volume Architecture 4D platform for 8X the processing power. Advanced quantification tools help streamline workflow for higher productivity. These tools include 4D Stress and advanced ergonomics. One‑touch ease of use puts 4D effortlessly at your fingertips. The Vivid E9 also handles 2D imaging with equal power, precision and agility, made possible with our 4V-D transducer, the second generation 4D probe and the M5S probe’s single‑crystal matrix array.
Vivid S6
offers ultra-high frame rates, dual focus, Speckle Reduction Imaging and Coded Phased Inversion Harmonics, all to help simplify image acquisition and greatly enhance image quality. The Vivid S6 also adds a broad range of shared‑service capabilities to its impressive imaging portfolio—including vascular, abdominal, pediatric/fetal, OB and OR applications.
Vivid q
builds on the many innovative features and technologies of the Vivid i with more performance and quantitative analysis tools. Vivid q lets you assess LV function and cardiac performance with clarity and accuracy, which can improve clinical confidence in complex invasive procedures, and optimize image settings across procedures. With its 16 probes and compact size, the Vivid q lets clinicians share ultrasound imaging in many environments.
Vivid S5
has an economical space design and versatile applications allow for strong performance and valuable solutions. The Vivid S5 is a high‑performance ultrasound system for cardiovascular and shared services applications. It offers an
innovative ergonomic design, excellent image quality, advanced connectivity, productivity tools and advanced technology. Vivid i is a high‑performance, battery-operated, ultra‑portable diagnostic ultrasound system. The Vivid i is designed for cardiovascular imaging, abdominal, small-parts, perioperative monitoring and 2D ICE imaging. It features a host of new technologies such as the Ultra Definition image optimization algorithms, Smart Depth, Adaptive Reject and Wide Aperture, which provide excellent image quality and inspire higher clinical confidence in difficult‑to‑scan patients.
Vivid e
provides high quality in an affordable laptop‑size system. The Vivid e is equipped with innovative cardiac functionality. Productivity can be increased with tools such as multi-image review, a comprehensive measurement and
analysis package, and integrated reporting, which have migrated from the Vivid platform. These tools can help even
the busiest accredited environment.
is GE Healthcare’s pocket-sized ultrasound device. It’s small enough to fit in a lab coat pocket so cardiologists can use it to help assess cardiac anatomy and function, provide immediate information to help answer focused cardiovascular questions and accelerate follow‑up, which can provide more efficient workflow and patient management.

GoldSeal systems are quoted subject to availability. To confirm current availability of systems or additional options in you region, contact us today.