The 3 Best Ultrasound Machines for Work in Remote Locations

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When you’re in the market for an ultrasound machine it can be overwhelming. There are so many on available and they all have so much to offer. What machine is right for you, though, especially when you work in a remote location? Your need for an ultrasound machine is great as there will be no other medical centers nearby and the only medical professional… is you. So, which machine is right?

The Best Ultrasound Machines for Remote Locations

1. GE Vivid S60

This small unit is the perfect solution for remote medical professionals. It’s easy to take on the move and provides 2D images of a high-quality. Perhaps the greatest benefit, aside from its portability, is the price – it’s an affordable unit.

It uses cSound, an imaging platform that stores data before it’s analyzed. The processors in the system are just as efficient as those which are found in the major supercomputers of today. This means the system is extremely powerful despite its size and affordability.

It provides color flow visuals in 2D and also has a doppler feature. You can expect detailed images and spatial resolution, as well as a variety of new capabilities. There’s a 19-inch LED monitor which features an articulating arm and a 12-inch touchscreen. It’s easy to move and has an adjustable control panel.

2. GE Vivid T8

With the T8 you get the same imaging capabilities that have long been associated with GE with the addition of the LOGIQ system. Essentially, you are buying a hybrid ultrasound machine that has rich and robust features at an affordable price and easy and convenient to use.

It was designed with the idea of easy transportation in mind and its interface is truly user-friendly and intuitive. It features a touchscreen, scan coach to keep you on track, and can be pushed over carpeting, tiling, and a variety of flooring.

Impressively it also features a total of ten ports for a variety of transducers. In the event of a power failure, there’s no need to panic as the system will automatically save the data before shifting the system into a safe standby mode.

3. GE Vivid iQ

As powerful as it is portable, this is a wonderful solution for those medical professionals in remote locations. Whether you need the machine for abdominal ultrasounds, vascular or OB/GYN – this can do it all. Additionally, it comes with pediatric TEE imaging.

It can meet the needs of any intensive care unit and has a small footprint, so you don’t need to worry about creating storage space. It’s lightweight, convenient, and features a touchscreen monitor. Earlier generations of this unit had hiccups with transducer connection and reliability, however, GE not only solved those issues but made improvements to the Vivid iQ.

Training on How to Use the Equipment

Are you concerned that you will be unable to use your new equipment properly? Don’t worry, in addition to a year’s warranty, we also provide the training you need to efficiently operate your new portable ultrasound machine. If you choose to purchase a used machine you’ll receive a year’s warranty, too.