5 Cardiac Technologies You Need in Your Clinic

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Just because your clinic is small doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have up-to-date technology to remain at the top of your game. Whether you’re in a rural area and serving patients far and wide or working in an inner-city area, your patients deserve the best.

There are plenty of advancing technologies in the industry, but we’ve narrowed it down to the 5 most exciting ones and those that your clinic absolutely cannot do without.

The Most Exciting Technologies Your Clinic Needs

1. Google Glass

Wearable technology is a growing enterprise and these eyeglasses could be the greatest gift your clinic has ever seen. You can wear them during procedures to capture images and recordings and you don’t need to lift a finger to deal with it. One study found that a great use for them is the coronary angiography. The images were clear enough for experts to accurately interpret even though they weren’t present for the procedure. This means heart patients and doctors can rely on the expertise of doctors around the world!

2. Wearable Monitors

A patient monitor will provide doctors with new data allowing a closer watch over the patient’s health. Doctors can see whether a patient’s condition is improving (or declining) with new medications and lifestyle changes. The data can be accessed when review is required and then stored in a patient’s electronic records.

There is a growing trend with electronic medical records with many patients taking a more active role in their health and wellness.

3. Bioresorbable Stents

During an angioplasty, a small mesh tube is placed into the vessel to release drugs and keep it open. This is a stent, however, stents can lead to blood clots and preventing it tends to require a drug treatment over a period of time. Thanks to the Bioresorbable stent, however, the stent dissolves removing the risk of clots. For now, they’re less flexible thus more difficult to place than the traditional stent, however, technology is advancing quickly so keep this on your radar and be prepared to act.

4. 3-D Advanced Visualization

This allows doctors to fully automate reconstructions which will help improve efficiency thus increasing the usage of 3D. These advanced tools wouldn’t be just limited to dedicated computers, rather across every workstation in your clinic. If you happen to have patient portals, then some of the capabilities will also be available to them. In the more complex cases, 3D imaging will be used throughout cardiology, radiology, and a variety of other specialties which require a deeper understanding of the anatomy as well as planning.

5. Catheter Based Interventions

Having this intervention available for every area of the body will reduce the need for open surgeries. The technologies on the horizon will revolve around interventions for structural heart and heart failures.

The Biggest Need Your Clinic Has

Of course, the first and most important technology that your clinic needs is an ultrasound machine. Whether you opt for a used machine or a brand new one, this will elevate the care you offer your patients and reduce their waiting time for critical testing.