5 Main Reasons Cardiac Ultrasounds Are So Popular

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Every year over a million Americans experience an issue with their heart and sadly, over half of them die as a result of their heart problem. The fact is it that the majority of those lives could be saved if they had been given a cardiac ultrasound. Heart problems are the leading cause of death across America and we need to do more to combat this. Strokes are another leading cause of American deaths and this is closely related to heart problems, so this issue is even larger when you look at the big picture.

The Biggest Reasons For the Popularity Of Cardiac Ultrasounds

1. No Inject-ables
Unlike MRIs, there is no inject-able solution or dye that the patient has to be given before the test. This reduces a lot of the risks and obstacles to carrying out the procedure. It can be quite daunting for a patient to receive any type of injection, but their anxiety often increases at the thought of having a solution injected.

2. No Machine
Another daunting aspect of MRIs is the machine that patients have to enter. Even those who don’t generally experience claustrophobia can experience intense feelings of fear as they enter the machine and are suddenly in a tight, enclosed space. This can often derail the testing as patients struggle to stay still long enough for the technician to get the images required.

3. Inexpensive
Believe it or not, a cardiac ultrasound is cheaper than going to the dentist. This has made them an incredibly popular procedure choice.

4. Appropriate For All Ages
Many tests and procedures aren’t appropriate for everyone, but ultrasounds are suitable for all ages.

5. Readily Available
As the majority of hospitals and clinics are equipped with ultrasound machines they are readily available. Of course, many of the smaller clinics are also investing in this equipment as it’s an affordable option when buying second-hand. This reduces the need for patients to wait weeks for an appointment or to travel to a larger medical center to have the procedure carried out. This allows rural patients to receive the same level of treatment as those who live in the city.

There are many positives to cardiac ultrasounds – since the patient doesn’t receive a sedative it’s a quick and simple process that doesn’t require any recovery time. Additionally, there is no radiation exposure which means they are a safer alternative when compared to x-ray and MRI machines. They can be used for a wide variety of diagnoses making them an incredibly valuable tool in the medical field.

They are ideal for early detection of illnesses and for allowing doctors to track the health of the heart following a procedure, change of medication, or a heart attack. Not only have they treated millions of patients over the years, but they have saved the lives of countless patients across the world.

If you operate a clinic and haven’t yet invested in ultrasound equipment, there is no better time to get on board. They are more affordable than ever and with the availability of portable machines, you can take them on house calls, too.