5 Ways 4D Technology in Ultrasounds Could Save a Life in 2018

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2D, 3D, and now 4D. Imaging so clear and detailed it can detect a cleft palate on an unborn child. When 3D imaging was released the images that it captured provided doctors with an in-living color view into the human body.

However, it was the 3D capabilities of capturing the heart that was particularly breathtaking.

Now, the 4D ultrasound has arrived and without a doubt, you can expect it to save lives come 2018. While 3D imagine relies on soundwaves bouncing off the organs and sending the images back to the monitor, the 4D scanner relied on a new software – cSound.

How 4D May Save Lives

1. cSound – This powerful software can process an entire DVD worth of data in a second. Not only does it process images at high speed it selects the correct image pixels to ensure the final image is the best one possible. There is also color-coding for different tissues within the heart which make the review of images far easier for doctors to pick up on hidden problems.

It’s the clearest, most detailed view you could have of a heart short of opening a patient’s chest to watch it beat.

2. Heart Issues
Millions of people in the US experience heart failure and the cost exceed $30 billion annually. Thanks to 4D technology from GE, though, these costs could drop. The reason for this is that 4D ultrasounds can prevent the need for other tests to be completed.

3. Unborn Children
Ultrasounds give parents an idea of what size their unborn children are as they reach each stage of development. Medical professionals can pick up on any potential issues that may be going on with stunted development and in many cases, pick up on health issues. 4D ultrasounds provide such clear and detailed images, however, that doctors can pick up on potentially serious health risks that could be detrimental to mother and child.

4. Early Diagnosis
4D images are so clear and so detailed that medical professionals will be able to detect issues and illnesses far earlier than ever before. This means that doctors can act quickly to treat the patient and get on top of the medical problem.

5. Post-Medical Event Care
After a heart attack or event, it’s imperative that doctors can track the healing progress. 4D ultrasound technology will provide doctors with a clear view of how various areas of the heart are healing or progressing following a health event. This means the doctor can see how a new course of medication is developing as well as how lifestyle changes are impacting recovery.

4D Technology Is Here

For clinics who can afford it, there is no question that 4D technology in ultrasounds is a must have. It can save lives and provides medical professionals with a clear view of their patient’s health. From the early stages of diagnosis and managing illnesses through to monitoring the progress of a patient’s recovery – 4D ultrasound technology will elevate the care you can provide your patients.