7 Benefits Of The Vivid iq Compared to Larger Machines

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Medicine is much like every other area of business in that changes in the industry make it necessary for those who work in it to be able to adjust and adapt quickly. Ultrasound is no different. While it is undoubtedly a technology that has benefitted medical professionals, the size of the equipment used has meant that there was the need to have dedicated units with the specific purpose of housing the ultrasound machines. While it is a positive that there is one place to go, it also restricts where an ultrasound can take place if the patient cannot get to the right place at the right time.

GE have developed the Vivid iq to solve this issue. It is lightweight and compact enough to be moved to where the patient is, meaning its versatility enables doctors and physicians to diagnose and treat people in places that wouldn’t have been possible before. Here are five benefits of the Vivid iq.

Share – the Vivid iq gives the opportunity to treat multiple conditions with one device. Abdominal, vascular and small parts diagnoses can be carried out with one machine, helping assess blood flow without the limitations of a Doppler.

Pediatrics –when treating infants or neonatal patients, large ultrasound equipment can be quite incompatible for the procedure needed. Using the much smaller and portable Vivid iq, pediatricians can bring the ultrasound to the infant or mother to assess them while keeping the patient comfortable, removing the necessity cause undue stress with a change of environment.

Down time – the Vivid iq eliminates a lot of the down time caused when equipment fails. It is covered by a 36 month warranty, and should the unthinkable happen and you need to have a replacement for any reason, there is a replacement service available to help keep your patients appointments on time. An improved probe also delivers better readability and protection for both the patient and the equipment.

Imaging – regardless of the location or the situation, the Vivid iq provides unparalleled images at the highest quality. The 2D images can be produces on location, especially vital within emergency situations which might occur outside of a medical center.

Analysis – GE has brought together a unique collection of programs to help the user identify and treat patient illness easily and more efficiently than ever before.

Ease – with a touch screen and fully automated functionality the Vivid iq works more like the tablets and smartphones we are becoming more used to. This cuts down the learning time, as well as speeding up the appointment times for patients.

Design – the Vivid iq is 10% lighter and thinner than the Vivid q. it is small enough to carry like a laptop, and can also be used as a fully functional work station when coupled with the Cart2. A built in battery gives an hour of use for those times that a socket is not accessible – vital for emergencies.

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