What Are the Best Cardiac Ultrasound Machines?

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There are so many cardiac ultrasound machines on the market it really is difficult to know where to start. We want to help make the decision process, so we’ve put together some information about some of the best cardiac ultrasound machines available. Of course, there are a variety of factors which may influence your decision, including your budget and the space you have available to house new equipment.

That is why we are proud to offer ultrasound machines that are new and used, we want to ensure every clinic can cater to their patients without worrying about waiting for an appointment at a large hospital.

GE Vivid Q

This portable ultrasound comes equipped with expert analytic tools as well as powerful capabilities on the imaging front. You’ll find your machine features Smart Depth Technology, Tissue and Intracardiac Echo Imaging, and CW Doppler. Whether you choose to buy brand new or opt for a used machine you won’t be let down by this ultrasound equipment.

GE Vivid I

This ultrasound machine isn’t just lightweight, it’s also as portable as it is powerful. It’s just another excellent example of the advanced systems that GE has been producing over the years. You can look forward to real time results and the ability to perform complete diagnostic exams. It features Triplex Imagining, Stress Echo, and SRI Speckle Reduction. As far as portable cardiac ultrasound systems go this one is an affordable option for clinics of any size.

GE Vscan

The Vscan is a pocket sized, portable ultrasound machine. It was an eagerly anticipated addition to the GE family and when it initially launched in 2010 it was the smallest on the market. It weighs just one pound is less than half a foot long and is three inches wide. It offers colored blood flow doppler and black and white imaging. It really is an incredible piece of equipment that allows your ultrasounds of the heart valves, myocardium, and pericardium, as well as the ability to scan the aorta, liver, kidney, unborn children, and just about anything else it can penetrate.

It also has an online portal so users can see how to operate the equipment. The interface is easy to operate and is thumb controlled. It comes with a charger station for the battery, but once charged the battery will last for one hour (of scanning) which can handle around 30 patients (provided scans stick to the two-minute average). You can also link it to your computer system to easily export data.

Whether you choose one of the machines discussed above or one of our other offerings, you can rest easy knowing that you will find the best equipment at affordable prices with us. You don’t need to worry about your budget preventing you from improving what your clinic can offer patients. We are a leader in the industry and proud to bring you both new and used equipment to ensure that even the smallest clinics can have the best equipment to serve their patients’ healthcare needs.