ACUSON Bonsai Ultrasound System

ACUSON Bonsai – A Very Powerful Portable Cardiovascular Ultrasound Machine

We are excited to share with you the latest portable system for routine cardiovascular echo exams designed to support you when it is most convenient for you. It provides the perfect harmony of power and portability in its image quality, highly advanced applications, and in its size and capacity to improve workflow.

The highly compact system provides exceptional imaging results, a wide variety of advanced applications and workflow features that enable you to transform your care delivery and improve your patient’s experience throughout your day.

With the ACUSON Bonsai system you can confidently assess your cardiovascular patients with a complete set of user-friendly applications: Auto EF, stress echo, strain, auto IMT, and anatomical M-mode. These highly focused features support all your routine cardiovascular exams, allowing you to support more patients in more environments.

  • Powerful imaging with simple one-touch image optimization for improved clinical confidence.
  • Incredible performance to instantly and easily assess a variety of patient conditions.
  • Portable workflow to improve care processes whenever and needed. Its reliable, durable and has an ergonomic user design.


In addition to the most standard advanced features on high-end portable cardiac machines, the Bonsai includes advanced software that is not found on other portable machines. This includes features such as Strain/Strain Rate, Stress Echo, AutoEF, LVO Contrast, and TEE transducers.

Other unique features include single-crystal transducer technology, Solid State hard drive, HDMI output, Tissue Doppler, Tissue Velocity, and a fast boot time (28 seconds from cold start as opposed to 60-120 seconds for other high-end portable cardiac machines).

  • Ultra Portable Design – Lightweight system that is easy to maneuver, weighing 12.8 lbs with a quick boot up time, 7 seconds from standby and 28 seconds from first boot
  • Optimized Monitor – 15.6’’ 1080P LED backlit monitor with automatic ambient lighting
  • Meaningful Ergonomics – State-of-the-art noiseless system (39 dB) with a control panel home-based design that includes 8 user-defined keys and a 10 inch adjustable height cart
  • Long lasting Battery – Lithium-Ion battery that has 3.5 hours working battery on both the system and cart batteries
  • Durability – Whole body is encompassed in a Magnesium-alloy shell with a spill resistant user interface
  • Integrated Cart – A durable, 10 inch height adjustable cart with cart lock for system security


Enhance workflow with raw data advanced post-processing
The ACUSON Bonsai system allows raw data advanced processing of archived images to help improve clinical workflow and patient throughput.

Standardize and facilitate complete exams using iWorks™ with INsert™ Automated Exam Protocols
• Facilitate exams with up to 43% reduced exam time and up to 75% fewer keystrokes⁴
• Improve diagnostic confidence with automated image acquisition protocols

Adapt the system to your individual needs
• Create your own output options, measurements and reports with eight completely customizable keys. This also allows you to launch advanced features such as Auto EF, anatomical M-mode, strain and Auto IMT
• Customization increases efficiency and enables user-specific work preferences helping to prevent user fatigue