ACUSON Juniper Ultrasound System

ACUSON Juniper™ Ultrasound System

The Acuson Juniper is a High-performance, shared service ultrasound system that can scan virtually every patient regardless of their size, weight or condition, offering great diagnostic confidence across all departments. It offers powerful capabilities built into one of the industry’s smallest ultrasound systems. Able to fit within most hospital rooms, the ACUSON Juniper weighs an average of 27% less and is up to 36% smaller than other conventional systems in its class.

With its wide variety of clinical solutions and fast image acquisition, ACUSON Juniper can improve diagnostic confidence across all departments, from radiology, interventional radiology, and urology to cardiovascular, orthopedic, and obstetrics/gynecological imaging.

The Acuson Juniper ultrasound system can consistently deliver high-quality images across disease states—a system with optimized accessibility, expanded applications, and ease of use. This system empowers you to image every patient, knowing you have the clinical information necessary for confident decision-making. Small on the outside, yet big on the inside, it is designed to adapt to your everyday clinical and workflow challenges.


Move easily between exams, patients, and spaces while still benefiting from remarkable system performance with the ACUSON Juniper system. The 6 ports, including 5 active transducer ports and 1 CW port, support multiple clinical applications as you move about your day. Designed with intent, the system adjusts easily to individual working preferences—pull the lightweight system from the front or back as you move between exams, tilt the monitor up or down as needed for your height, or rotate the control panel left or right depending on the patient bed location.

Among the quietest ultrasound systems in its class on the market, the ACUSON Juniper allows a comfortable room environment and redefines adaptability, meeting staff preferences with ease so you can focus on what matters most—your patient.

Control Panel
Support greater workflow personalization with a simple, intuitive control panel and tiltable, highly customizable 13.3-inch touch screen. Able to be optimized for space availability, convenience, and user preference, the system’s 90° right and left rotation allows flexibility and improved transducer connector positioning

The Footprint
ACUSON Juniper offers powerful capabilities in one of the industry’s smallest ultrasound systems. Able to fit in virtually any hospital room, the system is up to 36% smaller and weighs an average of 27% less than other systems in its class.

The control panel supports a clean and sterile environment with its customized disposable skin. Several cable hooks are available to support better cable management and efficiency

With 5 active transducer ports and 1 pencil port, the ACUSON Juniper is always ready to scan with little to no setup time. This system is designed for a stress-free environment with a sound pressure of only 28 decibels.


21.5” LED monitor – Highly adjustable for maximum operator adaptability

13.3” touch display – Smart UI for quicker scan settings and protocols

Lightweight maneuverability – One of the easiest systems to maneuver, weighing only 76 kilos (168 pounds), and with both rear and front handles

Intuitive control panel – Customizable height, angle and keys

Purposeful cable management hooks – Several hooks available for a clean, cable free environment

Multiple transducer ports – Efficient workflow with 5 active transducer ports, 1 pencil cardiac port and 2 physio ports

Quiet, stress-free environment – Bedroom-like sound level, 40% quieter than average

Every detail designed to maximize productivity – Multiple storage bins available as well as space for easy installation of peripherals