The Importance Of Having Your Ultrasound Machine Serviced Regularly

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Ultrasound equipment is a big investment, so it would make sense that you would want to have it serviced regularly. Not sure if regularly servicing is right for you? Think again, it’s right for everyone who owns and operates ultrasound equipment.

Your equipment needs to be cleaned regularly as well as maintained. So, this should form part of your daily routine. The probes (and associated cables) require a wipe between each patient, while the rest of it requires dusting. It’s important to check the manual to ensure you’re cleaning your probes properly. Some solutions can affect their lifespan and performance.

Why Regularly Maintenance Is Important

It’s more than just about protecting your investment, though that is also important. Having your equipment serviced regularly is a surefire way to ensure that is running smoothly and operating at optimal levels. If your machine is in prime condition you can rest assured that the tests you are carrying out are accurate. You’re less likely to experience an unexpected breakdown if you are having it serviced regularly. Which, of course, ensures that your machine is available for use when you and your patients need it most. Not to mention how expensive repairs can cost if an issue has been left too long without attention.

Dust build-up can create major issues for ultrasound equipment and this can be addressed regularly on maintenance visits. Clogged air filters result in overheating which means your machine won’t run to its potential. Regular maintenance is a wise preventative measure that every clinic should employ.

What A Service Visit Looks Like

A professional technician will arrive onsite with the tools and equipment necessary to carry out a routine service. Each function of the system will be testing, which includes your probes. Additionally, any updates that are necessary for the firmware or software will be taken care of as well.

Safety tests will also be carried out to ensure your equipment is safe for patients and the user. You will then receive a report which details what work was carried out and whether any parts need to be repaired or replaced.

There are things you can do, too, to protect your equipment. Your ultrasound system features air filters and these should be inspected on a weekly basis and cleaned as required. Soap and water should be sufficient to clean this up, but check the manual to see what solutions are appropriate. You should always have a spare filter on hand in case there’s an emergency and you need to change it. Before you access the air filter make sure the machine is off and unplugged.

Additionally, you should ensure you are using your equipment in line with the manufacturer’s recommendations so do read the user manual. When it comes to the interface you can just imagine what it’s exposed to throughout a normal day – this is an expensive repair to tackle, so it’s important that you look after this area of your equipment regularly. Spills should be dealt with immediately or it could cause electrical damage.

Speak to your dealer about a maintenance schedule.