Is It Okay to Buy Second Hand Ultrasound Machines?

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Every doctor knows that serious investment is required when purchasing ultrasound equipment. However, what most practitioners overlook is second hand ultrasound machines. However, if you want to get a high-quality product for value then it’s difficult to overlook the performance and affordability that buying second hand offers.

There are serious practical advantages to investing in second hand ultrasound machines and we will discuss the three biggest reasons why you should buy second hand ultrasound machines below.


Of course, the price is the most obvious benefit regarding purchasing second hand ultrasound equipment. Obviously, the price will be lower when you buy used, whether it is the most recent model or not. In fact, in many cases, you can save as much as 70% when buying second hand. It is far cheaper and more affordable for those smaller clinics (or a clinic or office that has a small budget) to invest in second hand equipment rather than splurging for a brand-new ultrasound machine. It’s the ideal alternative for low-income or rural communities.


Value and price are not the same things. The value of buying second hand ultrasound equipment lies in yes, the lower price, but also the fact that it has been through a thorough repair and inspection process to ensure it is fully operational. The machines also come with a warranty of 90 days, though an extended warranty is also available. This should assure you that repairs can be taken care of.


As mentioned above secondhand ultrasound equipment is rigorously tested and thoroughly inspected. Often the old parts are changed entirely and the equipment is refurbished as required. The technical support that comes with second hand equipment is just as high-quality and thorough as the support that accompanies brand new ultrasound machinery. The instruments have to pass a series of quality control tests to ensure that they run just like new, but they are available to you at a hugely reduced cost. We adhere to medical regulations and standards while providing you with an affordable, high-quality product.

Having this equipment on hand can also provide you with peace of mind knowing that in serious situations where a patient can’t wait for another appointment you have the ability to get to the root of their health issue quickly and efficiently. There is no question that your small clinic or hospital is in need of an ultrasound machine, but it’s important that you know you can make your budget work for you by investing in second hand ultrasound machines.

Second hand ultrasound equipment is a welcome addition to any hospital or clinic who have a smaller operating budget and whose finances just don’t allow for large expenses like brand new equipment. Investing in equipment that is in excellent working condition and genuine quality is the most efficient way to manage your budget while still offering your patients the highest quality healthcare possible. Your patients deserve the best and you can still provide it to them even when your budget is relatively small.