Pitfalls of Unauthorized Dealers

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Ultrasound Buyer’s Checklist

Before you purchase your next cardiovascular ultrasound equipment, make sure you know the following answers:

  • Are you working with an authorized distributor or partner?
  • Are the most current manufacturer promotions included in the quote?
  • Is the quote configured correctly and have all the product options been discussed?
  • Have you addressed upgradability, compatibility, networking, or integration concerns?
  • How long is the warranty period and who provides support during this period?
  • Is applications training included?
  • Who provides installation and support for the equipment?
  • What is their response time and capabilities?
  • Do they offer any remote support services such as clinical application specialists or service engineers?
  • Can certain software issues be analyzed and repaired remotely instead of making a service call or sending your machine back?
  • Do you have written document that describes their service level commitments?
  • If used, do you have any information on the history of the unit or parts that are in it?
  • If used, is it certified and do you have documentation?