What Is A Portable Sonogram Machine?

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A portable sonogram machine is quite simply a portable ultrasound machine. They might be handheld or on wheels, but they can be used to carry out ultrasounds to track the health and progress of fetuses. While portable ultrasound machines are available in 2D, 3D, and 4D, for OB/GYN you will likely want one that offers at least 3D capabilities. Of course, the sonogram machine doesn’t need to be as advanced as many of the machines that other specialized medical fields require, nor is there a need for color images which can inflate the cost of a machine.
The purpose of a sonogram is to ensure that unborn children are growing at the correct rates, as well as detect any issues there may be with a pregnancy. It provides parents with peace of mind and a greater understanding of how their child is developing.

The fact that they are portable means they are handy if you have limited space in your office or clinic, if you make house calls, or for emergency medical technicians.

The Advantages Of A Portable Sonogram Machine

The main advantage to having a portable sonogram machine is that it’s portable. It means that in delicate situations you can take the equipment to the patient. It’s incredibly useful for making diagnosis immediately, as well as for showing the patient the images as you carry out the procedure. As well, if the doctor is the one who is carrying out the procedure the results can be discussed upon completion (or during) the scan. This means the patient gets better information and doesn’t need to wait for the doctor to receive the report and review it before getting back to them.

It’s a valuable tool, especially for medical professionals who work in rural areas or small clinics.

Are Portable Machines As Reliable?

Yes. They both have a role to play in the industry and each offers valuable functions. However, a portable sonogram machine provides reliable results and high-quality images, just as their non-movable counterparts.
They also have the added benefit of the doctor being able to answer any questions or address concerns as the exam is carried out. In emergency medical personnel (and military) this equipment is lifesaving.

In many cases, the initial scan from a portable machine will simply be the first step in determining whether further tests are required.

Why Are Portable Machines Growing In Popularity?

Previously, sonogram equipment was only a reality for medical centers with large budgets. However, because portable machines are cheaper than their large counterparts their accessibility is growing and now smaller clinics and practices can afford to make the investment. This is especially true when you consider there are used and refurbished pieces of equipment available for sale.

They are convenient and offer a shortcut to treatment and diagnosis for a variety of illnesses and patients. Over the next decade, the majority of clinics, practices, and medical centers (of all sizes) will have some form of ultrasound machine on-site. That is due to the dropping prices and the need for greater access to healthcare.