Portable Ultrasound Machine

What Is A Portable Ultrasound Machine?

You are already aware of how useful an ultrasound machine is, a portable ultrasound machine is just a smaller version of the larger units. It does the same job, can produce the same quality of images, and assist you in treating your patients quickly and efficiently.

They work in exactly the same manner as standard ultrasound machines do, but offer the added bonus of being smaller and portable if you need to use them elsewhere. They are a realistic option for many of the smaller offices and clinics that don’t have large budgets to invest in medical equipment.

The Importance Of Portable Ultrasound Machines

The first diagnostic ultrasound took place early in the 1900s, yet over the last 50 years, it has evolved so rapidly it now has a wide variety of uses in a medical environment.

When you hear the word ultrasound the image your brain brings up is likely a giant machine that is bulky and takes up a lot of space and is used to check up on developing fetuses. Would it surprise you to find out the pregnancy ultrasounds make up only around 20% of total ultrasounds?

They are also used to monitor, diagnose, and treat a variety of medical issues from gallstones to heart disease and cancer. Having access to an ultrasound machine has plenty of benefits. The images are producing using sound waves and are more efficient at capturing soft tissue injury images than even an x-ray. They are also more effective when trying to distinguish between a growth that is fluid-filled or a solid mass. That’s because both of these issues will produce a different echo.

Luckily, that image of a bulky machine is no longer the case as rapid technological advances have brought up the portable ultrasound machine. They’re getting smaller and smaller, and some are the perfect size to take on the road for house calls. This is ideal for emergency situations or for clinics in rural areas.


You’re working or living in a remote location and you have found a lump – it could be cancer, but how on earth would you know if there are no medical facilities nearby? It may sound like a far-fetched scenario, yet many people living in rural areas face this dilemma. They rely on small clinics which they may have to drive hours to visit.

It’s at this point where a portable ultrasound machine comes into play. They can remain in the clinic, but when a remote patient is in need of immediate attention and an ultrasound is necessary this is where it comes to the fore. It is the ideal solution for many small clinics who need more equipment but may not have the budget to purchase the large ultrasound machines found in hospitals.

Of course, the fact that it is portable just increases the benefits and its efficiency, as many of your patients may be bedridden and unable to visit your clinic or would require an ambulance to transport them to the nearest large medical facility.

While portable ultrasound machines may not have produced the clear images that they’re larger siblings were able to that is no longer an issue, with many offering 3D images to provide professionals with picture perfect images.

The Benefits Of Using Portable Ultrasound Machines

The benefit of using a portable ultrasound machine is that you get a fast diagnosis which is still accurate. This can be helpful in a variety of settings, including sporting events, battlefields, EMTs, in remote locations, and even in space!

They’re useful for non-emergency situations, too. For example, anesthesiologists will often use an ultrasound machine on a patient before surgery. It allows them to correctly guide the injection to block the right nerves in a region. It provides them with a much more accurate view of what’s going on in the body, which means fewer attempts at insertion thus less bruising for the patient. Having a portable machine makes this possible and still produces high quality images. Additionally, as they are cheaper than larger units many institutions can purchase multiple portable ultrasound machines instead of just one bulky one which can only be used in one place at one time. It allows for more patient treatment without the wait.

While ultrasounds have been popular for decades, it’s only now that medical professionals are aware of just how many uses they have and are now being properly trained in using them for a variety of methods. It’s believed that in the next ten years the majority of medical offices, clinics, doctors, and general practitioners will have ultrasound machines in their offices. This is where portable machines come in handy. They don’t require as much space to house them and because they are easy to move you can use them wherever is necessary. There’s no need to send your patient elsewhere to get tests, you can do it right on the spot.

Patients today are more aware of health issues thanks to the internet age, so they want to be involved in the diagnosis and they like to see what’s going on in their bodies. They’re more willing to accept that an ultrasound is a must and they like being able to see the process unfold in an environment they feel comfortable in. Portable machines allow for patients to feel connected to what is happening and include them in the process more.

When a diagnosis doesn’t feel tangible the patient may refuse treatment as they are in denial about the outcome of tests. So, by including them in this you are offering them a successful outcome by keeping them engaged and focused.

There are a variety of portable units to choose from, too, so you are sure to be able to fill the needs of your clinic. It is inevitable that every medical professional will have one to hand, so it’s time to review your budget and determine how you can make this a reality for the benefit of your patients and practice. Give us a call today.