We offer product expertise and sales support for the following ultrasound segments:

Cardiovascular Ultrasound
Our cardiovascular ultrasound sales professionals receive extensive and ongoing training to ensure they are experts on cardiovascular ultrasound products. Our experienced and highly specialized sales professionals can help you select the right products to match your price and performance needs.
Portable Ultrasound
Portable Cardiovascular Ultrasound machines offer the added bonus of being smaller and portable if you need to use them elsewhere. They are a realistic option for many of the smaller offices and clinics that don’t have large budgets to invest in medical equipment.
Refurbished Equipment
As a sales representative, we have priority access to Demo and certified pre-owned ultrasound equipment inventory. Demo is not pre-owned, but lightly used equipment for product demonstrations, workshops, etc. You receive the following benefits when you make a purchase through us: one-year warranty, clinical applications support and training, installation and service.

Your Direct Source for New and Used Cardiovascular and Point of Care Ultrasound Equipment

We are sales representatives for Cardiovascular ultrasound products. Our sales representatives are extensively trained ensuring they are experts in these products and markets. We provide you with a quote without any markup and priority access to certified pre-owned ultrasound equipment and Demo inventory. We offer product demonstrations performed directly clinical application specialists. All purchased machines come with clinical applications training as well as installation and support by certified field engineers. Our sales consultants can provide you with the most recent information on inventory levels for new and used equipment, promotional pricing, and trade in values.

We provide support for cardiac ultrasound distributors and their customers. We can help locate an authorized dealer in your area and help you through the evaluation process. We can help you avoid risks associated with working with non-authorized distributors and provide you with direct access in order to coordinate product demonstrations, installations and support. The choice is yours! You can go direct with Ultrsaource and receive quotes without any mark up or you can work with one of their authorized distributors with our help. Either way you should call us first before you begin your ultrasound evaluation process.