Real Sales Results

A Case Study with UltraSource and Konica Minolta Medical Imaging USA

“We at Konica Minolta Medical Imaging have utilized the services of UltraSource for almost 24 months. Our utilization of their contracted sales people has driven almost $3,000,000 in incremental sales business per territory to us, while allowing us to manage our own sales overhead. We have found their recruiting and hiring process to be very professional and have yielded us individuals who we are comfortable and proud to represent our company and our products.

The utilization of these contracted sales people is transparent to our customers, which has helped us maintain our high customer satisfaction ratings. This has been a very successful venture for us at Konica Minolta Medical Imaging.”

Joe Giordano – EVP Konica Minolta Medical Imaging USA, Inc.


  • Leading manufacturer of medical imaging equipment experiencing rapid growth for digital x-ray products.
  • Major markets were covered by company’s direct sales organization, focusing on large health care companies.
  • Company realized that they were giving up market share in under represented territories being serviced by resellers.
  • Adding additional headcount was expensive and risky.
  • Company selected UltraSource to be their exclusive sales agent partner.
  • Within a few months, UltraSource designed, built, and trained a team of dedicated sales agents to represent the company in these territories.
  • UltrsSource professional sales agents have driven $3 million in incremental sales business per territory.
  • This strategy allowed the company to capture a significant percentage of the market share from their competitors.


  • The industry was rapidly converting from analog x-ray to digital imaging.
  • The company faced high double digit growth for the last two years.
  • The company saw a huge opportunity to penetrate small to midsize market opportunities.
  • Existing direct sales force was focused on larger accounts.
  • Lack of sales coverage on small to midsize markets enabled competitors to establish tight relationships with key resellers.
  • Even though growth in the digital x-ray market was projected to continue, the company was concerned of ramping up too quickly.
  • Expanding the reach of existing sales force could dilute their focus.
  • Limited budget for additional headcount.
  • Company had concerns about alternative channel strategies in regard to vendor loyalty, brand protection, and focus.


  • Hire a dedicated team of professional sales agents that would exclusively represent the company and their products in their under represented markets.
  • Leveraging their proven sales activation process, UltraSource worked closely with the company to custom design a deployment strategy to cover these territories.
  • UltraSource executed the plan and strategy previously developed and deployed their high-touch, high return professional sales agents in less than three months.
  • This enabled the company to cost effectively expand their sales coverage and increase their revenues.


  • Generated $3 million in new sales business per territory, capturing significant market share from the competition for a lower cost of sale than direct sales force.
  • Improved existing channel relationships and added new channel partners.
  • Closed several sole source agreements with large integrated delivery networks and health systems.
  • Successfully integrated the sales team into the company’s organization.